A Massage Therapy Business – How to Make Six Figures in Your Massage Therapist Business

This post goes over if and how a massage therapist truly can make 6 figures in their massage treatment service.

Truthfully, the typical earnings for massage therapists is listed below $50,000 each year. Lots of make much less than this. Because lots of pick to work part time, this is primarily. What about the business owner who desires a complete time massage treatment service and wants to make a 6 figure earnings?

How To Make Six Figures From Your Massage Therapist Business

Well most massage therapists have a base rate that corresponds to around a dollar per minute, so an hour massage would be around $60. Mind you, I’ve seen much greater, in 2002 I remained at an upmarket resort in Fiji that charged $250 USD per hour for a massage! Let’s utilize $60 per hour for this example.

6 x 1 hour massage each day, 6 days each week, 48 weeks each year. This is definitely ‘do-able’. 2 treatments in the early morning, 4 in the afternoon/ night, 6 days each week with 1 month off each year for vacation, and you’re making a 6 figure earnings. $103,680 to be precise.

While a service like this would definitely take some time to develop, it’s definitely attainable. This leads us to 2 additional concerns:

1. How to make 6 figures in your massage treatment service while working less than this?
2. For the extremely enthusiastic – how to make MORE than this in your massage therapist service?

1 – How To Work Less And STILL Make Six Figures In Your Massage Therapy Business?

While this workload would not be a concern for some, for others, the idea of balancing 6 x 1 hour massages each day, 6 days each week is a bit excessive for their preference. To make the exact same quantity while working less, it’s easy, replace some of your massage earnings with a various kind of earnings that you can still make in your massage service.

For example, let’s state you wish to do 6 less massages each week. Rather of 6 each day, you wish to typical 5 each day. Or perhaps you wish to work 5 days each week instead of 6. You require to discover an alternative earnings earner to generate $360 each week.

The most convenient method, sell items, here are some concepts:

& middot; Massage oils
& middot; Massage books
& middot; Massage videos
& middot; Massage pillows and rollers
& middot; Yoga and Pilates items
& middot; Massage novelty items – like mugs and tee shirts

You can likewise run a course as soon as each month mentor massage for house usage. You can specialise in a specific massage specific niche like:

& middot; Face and scalp massage
& middot; Back, neck and shoulder massage
& middot; Couples massage
& middot; Massage for babies

If you have simply 10 individuals paying $200 for an all the time, or weekend course, that’s $2000.

2 – How To Make Even MORE Than 100K Per Year From Your Massage Therapist Business?

When you get to a 6 figure earnings level, you might discover you are so enthused with your service that you simply do not wish to stop, your entrepreneurial genes begin and you wish to increase your earnings even further.

Of course you can include all the important things I discussed above, offer items, run courses, however there’s likewise another significant technique … utilize.

Leverage Your Massage Therapy Business

This implies utilize your time. If you are doing 6 massages each day, all you require to do to triple your earnings is do 18 massages each day, other than obviously you could not physically do it!

But if you are at this level of service knowledge, you might definitely scale up your marketing to increase your customers, and use other massage therapists. Picture having 1, 2 or 3 other massage therapists working for you and you keeping 50% of what they make. That’s the power of utilize.

This might appear a complicated technique, however when you have actually developed an effective massage treatment service and have actually accumulated some service abilities and entrepreneurial skill, leveraging your service in this method can take your earnings to a totally brand-new level that you might have as soon as believed difficult for you.

I hope these concepts on how to make 6 figures from your own massage therapist service have actually offered you something to chew on and motivated you to set greater objectives for where you wish to take your service. Other effective massage treatment companies are doing it and profiting, why not you too?