AshMax Review – Is AshMax A Legit MLM Business?

AshMax has been receiving a big buzz on the internet lately and many are wondering if this MLM Company is a legitimate online business. The concept of AshMax is to find 5 confident individuals to join under your leadership and they are required to do the same in order to generate a lifetime income of $22,000 a month plus as you work the program. In this review we will analysis the inside of AshMax to see if it is truly a winner or not.

The AshMax System was created by marketing guru Ash Mufareh. His design is to help the average person make a full time income leveraging the internet. His business model includes two MLM companies that he is affiliated with and those companies are Global Domains International and Freeway To Success. Using these 2 companies is the life line of your income when using the AshMax System.

These affiliate programs, Global Domains International(GDI) and Freeway To Success (FTS) have 5×5 forced matrices. This is how you earn your income when each person you enroll is expected to recruit 5 people to the AshMax System. Each person is placed in the matrix and the system is supposed to work on autopilot by repeating it’s self with every individuals efforts. The system is geared to build your down lines for you and replace any drop outs throughout the process.

This system is not for everyone and I say this because there is a 20 day challenge that must be implemented or you will be kicked out of the system for good. After you sign up to the system you must pay your enrollment fee of $25 and thereafter you pay a $15 monthly fee. Then like I said before you must get 5 people to sign up under you within 20 days and they must repeat the process as you did.

AshMax provides video tutorials on how to setup the actual system so you won’t feel lost throughout the process. Follow the step by step process and you are good to go. There is minimal marketing training but can be very helpful for people that are new to the home base business industry. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, so understand this is a process and it takes time to develop in order to reach the goal of $20,000 a month.

I believe the AshMax System is very legit and will work if promoted properly but AshMax fails to teach the process of duplication. They don’t provide the proper marketing skills needed in order to make the process smoother. Their training is very vague and doesn’t really have any structure to keep your AshMax business afloat in my opinion. We all know that without lead generation your business will not survive the light of day. I think AshMax is a great company and concept but it just needs better marketing guidance in order for their members to succeed in the online industry.