Composing Fast – How to Write 10 Times Faster, Guaranteed

How lots of times have you looked at a blank page, due date looming, and felt the trickles of sweat on your forehead? Or flinched at the idea of composing a thesis, term paper, company proposition, or status report? Or imagined composing a book, unique or movie script, however pressed it aside as “too hard; it would take permanently”?
Alright. Enough hesitating. Let’s cut through the waste and pin down the service, right here, today.

The factor you battle with writing is basic: You believe composing is an activity. It’s not. Typing is activity. Composing is a procedure. And the method to compose 10 times faster than you do today is this: Find an organized technique to that procedure.

My technique is the FAST System. It’s got 4 basic actions:

Step 1: Focus your concept. All composing is interaction, and the very first thing to do is record the essence of the concept you’re attempting to interact. Brainstorm, map and strategy your idea. See the introduction. Offer yourself a roadmap.

Step 2: Apply your strategy. Get the words onto the page as quick as possible when you’ve got your composing strategy in location. And I indicate lightning quickly. Do not re-read a word and stop. You understand where you’re going thanks to the strategy, now simply get words on the page.

Step 3: Strengthen your words. You’re currently midway house if you’ve produced your composing strategy and then blasted the words onto the page. Now it’s time to go through what you’ve composed and reinforce it. How well have you revealed your concept? Increase your writing. A few of it will have fizzled entirely; other areas will be quite strong. Adjust and modify, and after that repeat actions 1 and 2 if required.

Step 4: Tweak your writing. This is what many people do at the start. That’s what slows you down. Forget excellence at the start. Wait up until you’ve produced your strategy, blasted words onto the page, and after that enhanced those words up until your concept is revealed plainly. Now fine-tune and polish your composing to make it a lightning quick read.

Ironically, the more you compose quickly, the quicker you’ll compose.

Now, composing quickly does not indicate composing inadequately. Rather the contrary. Composing quickly indicates getting your words on the page as rapidly and effectively as possible. You can compose– they’re 2 sides to the exact same coin if you can talk.

Both are interaction. Think of it. The words come simple if you understand what you’re stating. Focus, Apply, Strengthen and Tweak. You will be composing 10 times FASTer in no time.