Free E-Commerce Website Using Google Sites and PayPal

I started with the objective of making a site that has no on going expenses, very little deal charges and low upkeep. The option of having all functions incorporated into the one site? or do I handle the site and let a 3rd party do the monetary deals? security is a crucial to addressing this concern, a 3rd party will be my alternative. I did allocate of research study into totally free web hosting options, advantages, security and 100% uptime. The list came down to a couple of, I evaluated them and picked Google websites which ticked all packages. The primary downside is likewise a benefit, it locks down allot of code, making it more difficult to execute stacks of functions however increases security tremendously.

I have actually selected my webhosting, now take a look at payment systems. The consumer would need to be rerouted to a protected site, the information passed in between my site and the shopping cart needed to be very little as this can be pirated or altered. I took a look at allot of cool Java and php based shopping carts however in the end, all still sent out throughout code that might quickly be altered by somebody wise enough. PayPal and Google Checkout are the primary gamers, remaining in a Australia, Google Checkout was dismissed so I dealt with PayPal.

Google websites is really simple usage, initially you offer the site a name, play and pick a design template around with the formatting a bit. Include a photo of the product you wish to offer, then put it in the back of your mind for a bit, we now head over to PayPal.

Create yourself a PayPal account and alter the account type to Business at PayPal offers you the alternative of making pre-made buttons that are connected to your account and since no dollar quantity or varieties of products passes in between the websites, it is really protected.

Creating a PayPal Button:

Profile >> > > My Saved Buttons >> > > Create New Button

Select Yes; develop an “Add to Cart” button.

Give the product a name, if you have numerous of the very same products, consist of a product number.

Choose a rate

Additional Options:
Postage Weight or Postage expense for that product.
Track Inventory, PayPal can stop individuals buying products if you lack stock.

Once the button has actually been developed, choose the tab email, copy the code and keep this for later on.

Go back to your Google websites websites and include an image that your going to utilize as the “contribute to haul” button. This can be the one supplied earlier by PayPal or you can pick to make your own image. Ensure you pleased with the size, Google websites offers you the alternative of little, medium or big, however if you desire something various, it can be altered in the HTML code alternative.

choose the image, then click up the top on the link button. This is where you connect your button to the PayPal, pick link to external site and paste in the PayPal link you avoided earlier.

My completed outcome is: