HireWriters – A Content Writers Review

Many referrals to HireWriters.com (HW), a brand-new material broker website, have actually stumbled upon my computer system screen recently, so here we are taking a look into it. On the surface area HW appears to be a practical platform for content writing, however it is brand-new so we’ll wish to check out it even more prior to providing it a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

My preliminary research study took me to the HW web page where the website promotes that a 300 word post can be purchased for as low as a $1.50. This made me a bit hesitant regarding how an author living in among the more pricey world economies might make it worth their while to compose at HW.

As I went into the website I discovered that authors have the ability to advance their qualifications and make greater costs for their efforts after sending a fairly low variety of certifying posts. According to the info offered on the HW website – At the greatest level an author can make as much as $10.66 for the exact same 300 word post.

New authors begin at the newbies level and after supplying 3 quality posts can relocate to the next t level of proficiency (General). Extra submissions ought to then advance an author to higher chances within the HW neighborhood.

Beginner – This is where everybody begins.

General – At least 3 finished tasks, with a typical ranking of 4.0 stars and a minimum of on-time 65% of the time.

Skilled – At least 7 finished tasks, with a typical ranking of 4.1 stars and a minimum of on-time 75% of the time.
Expert – At least 12 finished tasks, with a typical ranking of 4.6 stars and a minimum of on-time 85% of the time.

You’ll Need a PayPal Account

The register is simple enough, however you will require to have PayPal account in order to get paid. According to the website, payment is made to you every Friday, if you fulfill the $10.00 minimum profits limit.

After registering I went straight to the profile page and submitted the bio-page info, consisting of excerpts from a few of my previous posts. I’m unsure how needed any of the composing portfolio info was as I discovered 3 little jobs that merely required to be accepted in order to get the tasks.

I exercised those very first 3 jobs (about 250 words each) in a number of hours and sent them. 3 days (in fact 2 and half) after my posts had actually been sent I still had actually not heard back from the post purchaser regarding whether my posts had actually been accepted.

I discovered it extremely annoying that I needed to wait this longs, so on the early morning of the 3rd day I sent out a query to the HW aid desk to ask if post purchasers needed to react within a particular period. The response was; 72 hours. The post instantly ends up being accepted and you get paid if after 72 hours the post purchaser does not react.

A couple of hours later on my posts were in fact all authorized and I was granted $1.18 per submission. I made my very first $3.84 at HW. And the factor I picked to get 3 posts finished as quickly as possible was that 3 authorized submissions takes me from a newbie status to the next level, which is “General” and enables me to compose in a greater paying classification.

Check Out The Article Buyers Stats Before Agreeing To Write An Article.

Regardless of where you pick to offer your composing skills, it’s crucial to bear in mind that your online qualifications and personality are incredibly crucial when if it concerns you getting selected for a particular material composing task over another author.

In the case of HW your qualifications are encapsulated into a ranking algorithm which is a combined step of how you fulfill due dates in addition to the quality of your work. A post purchaser can accept or decrease the work you send. , if they accept your work they will associate a 0-5 star grade to each post that was accepted.. On the control panel if they decrease your work it reveals up as a number in the kind of a portion of accepted work.

Fortunately HW likewise offers a purchaser approval ranking, e.g. – Articles Approved: 66, Rejected: 263, Approval Rate: 20% – If a purchaser has actually bought numerous posts and has a low approval ranking, you might simply wish to hesitate. When you are attempting to develop your qualifications, specifically in the start. It’s a great concept to just accept content composing tasks from purchasers with a greater than 90% approval ranking till you yourself have actually sent 10 to twenty posts.

As quickly as I got my brand-new ranking I wished to search for much better chances and this is where I recognized a shortcoming with HW. Of the fifty to 2 hundred composing chances usually readily available, just a little portion appear to use authors at anything above the newbies level payment tier. It’s up to the post purchaser to identify what level of author they will accept.

HW is revealing over 12,000 signed up authors as I compose this post and with just one to 2 hundred or two tasks readily available anytime you would believe the competitors would be strong, however not so. I’m thinking the absence of competitors is since despite the fact that the leading authors are certified to compose at greater levels, the post purchasers are predominately just going to pay novice incomes (primarily).

HW looks great on paper, however in truth appears to disappoint the greater paying chances it guarantees to supply more knowledgeable authors. We’ll offer it a long time to see how this brand-new website develops, however as long as their post purchasers are just going to pay the lower costs, I think their future will be meek at finest. Still it’s a fascinating profits design and if HW can determine how to increase earnings significantly they might even wind up with a genuine money-maker.

Regardless of the composing chances, it does appear that if you remain in the marketplace to purchase posts for your blog sites or online publications this might be the location to get reasonable quality composing at deal rates.

Maybe you’re an author who lags by themselves composing tasks and require to have something rapidly, this might be an ideal chance to get your feet damp with outsourcing your tasks. If you can buy a post here at HW for $2.00 and offer it elsewhere for $4.00, or $10.00, or more, that’s a substantial ROI.


My conclusion is that HW is a trusted site that provides starting authors the chance to get going with composing posts for money. Presently the greater paying chances are limited, however they do exist. You likely will not have the ability to change an earnings at HW, however you might most likely get adequate material composing work to supplement your other profits producing activities.

HW likewise provides a perfect chance for post purchasers who are wanting to buy quality posts at low costs. Throughout my research study I registered as a post purchaser member at HW and published the requirement for a 500-700 post asking for an author at the “Skilled” level and provided to pay $8.50, I believe this equates to $5.62 to the author, or about two-thirds of the post composing cost, with the rest going to HW for brokering the offer. I logged out of my purchaser member account to see the submission from the authors account side and might not discover the demand. It took me a minute to understand that the demand had actually currently been accepted by an author.

Given that the demand was demolished so rapidly, I’ll continue to presume that there is not presently an abundance of the greater paying chances at HW, however they do exist, and if you wish to get one you’ll require to be “Johnny on the Spot” in order to vanquish the other authors. I’ll likewise include that the author who composed the post for me did a great task and provided on time. I’m sure I will utilize them once again.