Holographic Tech – Virtual Communication

Sci-fi is typically a forecast of existing innovation patterns into the future. Take the Star Wars Holographic Video Phone? Do you understand that there are now mobile phone that are a bit smaller sized than a brick which can forecast an image video onto a wall utilizing a 3G cordless phone? Extremely cool and we understand with Moore’s Law that certainly these will get smaller sized and much better and quickly will most likely be the size of a Nano iPod.

Think of the advantages and utilizes for an innovation of this kind; you might Record Yourself for Future Great Grandchildren and they might take this with them or conserve the information in their wrist watch so incase they had a concern, your hologram would appear with some gentlemanly words of knowledge to help them in making the best choice.

Of course on business front is where this innovation will actually remove. Consider Virtual Sales Presentations or Corporate Meetings Without Travel. This will conserve money and time and for sales it will certainly be a lot more persuading than a “sales call” which is certainly an advantage.

What about for federal government or politics – can Holographic Projection be utilized for interaction with our allies and pals too? Sure, how about; State Department VR Holographic Diplomacy or a United States Presidential Visit – Holographic Style. Would not that be something else? That would certainly assist us keep in hard even with the hectic schedules.

If you enjoy severe sports well you may be in luck as you might video tape your experiences and after that generate income by Selling Your Experiences Online in Holograms. You would be earning money to do what you currently enjoy to do? Where do you desire your Hologram to go today?