Horse Players – Check Out This Free Horse Racing Handicapping System

Finding excellent wagering chances at the race course is not as difficult as the majority of people believe. The complimentary horse racing system you’re about to see is simple for you to utilize. It will be really rewarding for any person who has the discipline to stick with the system’s easy guidelines.

I’m going to teach you the guidelines, and after that I will discuss why the system works and review its strengths and downsides.

Here are the Rules

First: The race needs to be a declaring race with the exception that it can not be a first declaring race. If the race is a declaring race by looking in the race description at the top of either the track program or the previous efficiencies, you can see.

Second: Calculate each horse’s life time revenues per start (LEPS). Utilize this easy formula to determine the LEPS: (life time revenues)/ (life time starts) = (life time revenues per start). You can discover the horse’s life time revenues and life time begins in the leading right corner of its previous efficiency listing.

Third: Place a win bet on the horse with the biggest earning per start over its life time if it goes to publish at 8-to-1 or greater chances.

The Reasons Why this Handicapping System Works

Because of their distinctions genetically, all horses are not the very same and they have various levels of capability. That is why there are various levels of class in horseracing. He will be a simple winner if he is gone into in a race at a much lower class level if a horse is in excellent condition.

A horse that fits the profile of the system will likely have actually been competitive in much greater class levels in the past. Since they have actually had injuries, the horses picked by this approach in general can not win at their previous class level. They are utilized by the racing experts as “wagering tools.” Since they are looking to utilize them to make cash cashing big bets, the fitness instructors keep these horses in the steady. The fitness instructor understands that if the horse can go back to its previous type even if it’s just for a single race, it will be a simple winner versus the lower class field in today’s race. Since of control by the fitness instructor, these horses win routinely and will win suddenly without revealing any indications of enhancement. Since of this control by the fitness instructor, these horses will generally pay substantial chances when they win.

Disadvantages and strengths Using this Method

This approach can be a huge cash maker over the long term and will gradually return an earnings of twenty to thirty percent for each dollar bet. The weakest point of the system is the win percent which will range from 10% to 14%. When you begin utilizing this system you ought to anticipate to see long streaks of successive losers, what this indicates to you is.

The number or size of successive losers for any handicapping approach is identified by the approach’s portion of wins. Expect for instance that your win portion had to do with 14%, which is winning about one out of every 7 bets. You ought to anticipate to see one losing streak of 34 successive losers in every 1000 bets. Based upon this presumption of a win portion of 14%, we ought to likewise anticipate see 27 losing streaks of 10 or more losers in a row for each 1000 bets. This would suggest you would be losing 10 or more successive losers about 37% of the time while you are wagering this approach. When examining any handicapping system,

The winning portion is one of the most essential elements to think about. If you are searching for a system with a much higher winning portion than this approach, have a look at “The Indicator Handicapping Method” which is the highlighted handicapping approach at, my site.(*)