How to Make Money Using Granite Countertop Remnants

The typical individual most likely will not have granite counter top residues simply laying around. Those that are producers, specialists, or house owners that simply did significant kitchen area restorations, nevertheless, most likely do. After doing a kitchen area task, that remaining granite normally sits, gathering dust and using up area. House owners most likely have no idea what to do with this excess granite, and it likely winds up in land fills someplace. The reality is, however, that those residues can work for you – and make you cash without needing to invest any cash whatsoever. Regardless, there is no factor to let them sit! Here are a couple of things you can do with granite counter residues to make a little money.

Create Anew

If you’re fairly crafty, you can utilize those residues to construct something a bit smaller sized. Examples might consist of renovating your restroom counters, maybe utilizing the stone for a bowl in an above counter restroom sink, constructing a coffee table or end table, or utilizing them as ornamental stones in your garden. You can construct them and offer them off-making you a bit of additional green if you have no requirement for any of these things.

Sell Them

If you’re not so helpful, or do not have the time or knowledge to start a task such as these, you constantly have the alternative of offering your granite counter top residues. Specialists might be taking a look around for simply the piece you have, and you do not even understand it. There are sites readily available online particularly established for you to note your residues of all shapes, sizes, and types for definitely no charge. You simply require a good electronic camera to take a photo and list them.

As you can see, there’s no factor for you to accumulate land fills with valuable stone-you can utilize it to produce gorgeous pieces that can rake you in a little additional money, or offer your granite countertop remnants at no cost to you. If you’ve got additional stone laying around, it’s an environment-friendly and a financially friendly option that ought to definitely be thought about. Make it work for you!