How to Sell Digital Books at Physical Events

Digital books are an excellent method to get your material rapidly into the hands of countless readers. What about offering digital books at physical occasions? You can inform individuals about your book and how fantastic it is, however they can’t really purchase the book unless you have a kiosk established for it or a mobile card reader to make them purchase then and there. If you desire a much better method to offering your digital books at physical occasions, then you’ll enjoy to understand that there is something you can do to enhance your marketing.

The Sell

What are you offering? Digital books, obviously. That’s details in a digital area and individuals can’t touch it (unlike physical books). How do you offer a digital item at a physical occasion that individuals can really touch? It boils down to discount coupon codes. Some business, such as Enthrill, are offering discount coupon codes at low-cost rates that you can utilize nevertheless you desire.

Here’s how it works. You purchase the discount coupon codes. The rates are presently set $1.50 per code with a minimum purchase of 100 discount coupons. You can then publish your book to their servers and whoever inputs the code will get your book. You can likewise do this by making your own discount coupon codes and submitting books to your own site or server, which will reduce the rate, however this method needs some technical understanding and a site under your total control (so no totally free sites).

Regardless, you’ll see that even paying the $1.50 per discount coupon code can still yield some profitable outcomes.

Making a Product

Now that you have the discount coupon codes, what do you finish with them? Do you compose them down on note pad paper and hand them out? Do you compose them on organization cards? The very best thing you can do is print them on little products that you can offer. This enables you to make your item better while enhancing your selling capability.

For example, let’s state that you have a cookbook. You can offer a little bag of components and put a tag on the bag with the discount coupon code. Or, you might offer spatulas, spoons or other cooking area tools and print the discount coupon code on them. Or, let’s state that your book has to do with weight reduction. You can print the discount coupon code on pedometers, part control plates, resistance bands or numerous other products. Simply offer the product for $10 and you have a brand-new reader and a good revenue. Even with the additional marketing product, you need to have the ability to double your financial investment.

Simpler Approach

If getting an advertising product and printing codes on it is too tough, then do not fret. There’s a much easier method that, while not as efficient, can still make you a great deal of cash. Enthrill wants to print the codes out on present cards so that you can hand them out throughout your occasion. If you would choose printing the codes yourself to conserve a little cash, then you can purchase some organization cards paper from your regional workplace supply shop, get an organization cards design template in Word or whatever word processing program you utilize and print them for a couple of cents a sheet.

While individuals would choose a real product they can utilize, and the product will be more attracting than a present card, you can still make them a reliable tool with sufficient marketing. You’ll simply need to work more on offering your item. This method is finest if you’re fretted about investing excessive cash and it’s your very first occasion, or if you have a more conservative audience that would choose an easy present card over an advertising product.


Physical occasions provide an excellent chance for you to offer your book. You’re at a minor downside due to the fact that you’re book isn’t printed and it can’t be touched. While this looks like an issue, you can still offer your item without much effort. A great discount coupon code service provider coupled with some marketing products can assist you release an effective occasion where you generate income and gain readers all at once.