Make $500 a Week Proofreading From Home

If you are the kind of individual that likes to check out then you are going to enjoy earning money with this technique. Lots of authors, no matter how well practiced they are, require the aid of a proofreader to capture little mistakes that leave them. You can provide to check their work for a cost and quickly make $500 a week checking from house.

If you charge a simple $1 per manuscript page when you are simply starting and getting experience in business, you can make $400 off a 400 page book. Include a number of narratives or a couple of short articles at the exact same page rate and you can quickly strike that $500 a week mark. You can charge a bit more when you have a couple of manuscripts under your belt.

You are most likely questioning simply how you can discover some authors who require your aid. Well, there are a number of methods.

First, you can sign up with a website such as or and look for their checking and modifying tasks. You can generally discover some authors who require a hand on those websites.

Second, begin a blog site or a site that concentrates on your checking services. Compose article and short articles about how crucial it is to have an expertly proofread manuscript. With the best material, and enough of it, the authors in requirement will concern you.

Don’t forget – you can likewise offer your services to blog sites, sites that require their content proofread, and publications that need a proofreader. The chances are unlimited.

As you can see, it is simple to make $500 a week checking from house.