Narrative Contests – Submitting Stories For Prize Money

Writing narratives is satisfying. They do not take long to compose and they are enjoyable to do.

There are publications who accept narrative submissions, and there are lots of narrative competitors with what appears to be more opening all the time.

And sending your work to narrative competitors can be a lot more lucrative than sending them to publications since the cash prize can be rather considerable with some paying countless dollars.

The greatest of these every year is the BirdPort Prize and the BBC narrative competitors.

These rewards are substantial. The 2013 leading reward in the BBC competitors was a tremendous ₤ 15,000. That relates to around $23,000 United States dollars. Okay earnings from composing a narrative.

But not just is the cash prize great, however composing and sending narratives to competitors has another huge benefit too.

Anyone who’s an author understands that it’s an incredibly singular profession. Due to the fact that you require outright focus if you desire to make cash from your writing, you sit alone and compose all day and never ever permit anybody to disrupt you.

This is where composing narratives for competitors can assist.

If you do a fast Google search of the web, it’s simple to discover numerous narrative competitors.

You then require to discover as numerous as you can to get in. If it’s one of the huge distinguished competitors or one run by a little site, it does not matter. What you require to do is discover plenty that you can get in, whether you have a story all set, or a story concept in your head, or not.

Make a note of the closing dates for each of them and note them in order from the closest date to the outermost away.

Then develop a story concept for each one. You can think about them at one time, or think about them one at a time as you advance through your list.

If you discover a lots or more competitors, it can keep you hectic composing for approximately an entire year. And with standards to follow and due dates to fulfill, it will make you feel less like you’re working alone and assist you remain focused since you will not have time to waste.

There are composing competitors that release all the list stories in an anthology. Even if you do not win the leading reward, having your work in a publication such as these can assist to get you understood as an author so it’s excellent marketing.

And if you get in as numerous competitors as you can, you might wind up with your name as an entrant, or as a list participant, on numerous sites all over the web which is likewise excellent marketing.

There are 2 various kinds of competitors. Paid and totally free. It’s up to you whether you wish to pay to get in. If your concepts excellent and your writing is great, and you win a couple of rewards, the entryway charges might be a great financial investment.

Having stated that, there are lots of locations you can get in free of charge to start with.

But do not forget the 3 crucial things.

Read the guidelines. Check out the guidelines. Check out the guidelines.

I can not highlight enough how crucial this is since no matter how great your work is, if you have not followed the guidelines for submission, or you have not formatted your work properly, your entry may be voided.

So if they state to get in by post, do not email your submission. Fill it out properly if they desire you to fill out a prolonged submission type. Double area it if they desire your work double spaced.

So all you need to do now is browse the internet, discover as numerous competitors as you can that appropriate for what you can compose, and enter them all by following the guidelines of submission and conference all the due dates.

It will be enjoyable and (ideally) more lucrative than you might ever have actually pictured.