PAT Testing Gets a Bad Name Because of Sticker Jockey’s – PAT Testing Cowboys!

Every market has a minority of individuals that provide it a bad name, by ‘offering a service’; when it comes to PAT screening we describe them as “Sticker Jockey’s” – they’re not PAT Testers they’re time wasters.

They might have the certification to state they are a PAT tester, they might even have actually been getting the job done for a long period of time, however they are not real PAT testers that the market experts would suggest.

Who are “Sticker Jockeys”?

They are individuals who hurry around a website “screening” as lots of products as they can in as brief a time as possible in order to make the most cash they can. I state “screening” in the inverted commas due to the fact that what they tend to do is among 2 approaches:

>> They will do complete tests on approx. 10% of your electrical home appliances and after that plaguerise the outcomes over the other 90% of products

> > They will do no visual or electrical tests on any home appliances whatsoever

Whichever among these you have working for you, you are:
• Wasting your cash
• Not secured
• And you might still have malfunctioning home appliances going undiscovered

The something you are getting is a great little sticker label which is adhered to each of your electrical home appliances, which is what you are spending for. It might also be a cost as that is all it’s worth. That might be you’re paying somebody to vandalise your home or put a 3p rate tag on every product, due to the fact that the sticker label will not be worth any more than that.

And what did the PAT screening business charge you? 50p per product – they’ve made 47p revenue on every product you have. If you have 1000 products it cost you ₤ 500 for some sticker labels that are worth ₤ 30,

You’re getting absolutely nothing for your cash, other than for that sticker label, and if you’re fortunate sufficient to get certificates and a log book of outcomes there is a likelihood they are phony.

How simple is it for a business to send you a list of reports stating “passed, passed, passed”?

Try it on your own; open Excel, in Column 1 put the area (Main workplace) in column 2 put the product description (Computer), in column 3 type “Pass” – there you, go, that’s how simple it is.

How did this take place?

When you asked for prices quote the reliable business provided a reasonable rate, then another business damaged them. You selected the business with the most inexpensive rate without thinking about any other elements.
The very first business provided to evaluate your 500 products for ₤ 1 per product, they stated it would take 2 days to finish, at a rate of approx. 30 products per hour.

The 2nd business stated they might evaluate your 500 products for 50p per product, which they would do it in a day – wow, what a deal! Half the rate and half the time, that’s excellent – we’ll schedule them. Did you believe about what you’re getting?

If it takes business A who have been developed 3 years, have finished more than 30,000 PAT Tests 2 days to do the work properly, how can business B who just formed last month do it in half the time? This is with the exact same variety of individuals getting the job done – 1 individual.

Let’s do the mathematics; Company A charges ₤ 1 for every single product, at 500 products, that’s ₤ 500. It takes 2 days, so that’s ₤ 250 each day which is a good everyday rate. From the ₤ 250.00 the business needs to spend for fuel, insurance coverage, certificates, labels, devices, and so on. After all that, the everyday revenue (and hence wage) is ₤ 200 (approx. figures). The engineer worked 8 hours, plus had 1/2 hour for lunch, so he made ₤ 25.00 per hour when he was working (the average rate for the market).

Company B charges 50p per product, at 500 products that’s ₤ 250.00. If they got the job done properly it would take 2 days, which would be ₤ 125 each day, after expenses, that’s approx. ₤ 75 each day, or ₤ 9.38 per hour. Still not a bad wage I anticipate you’ll state.

Have you considered what else you obtain from Company A? Time invested in the workplace putting together and downloading your proper outcomes, and releasing them to you in addition to your certificates.

So business B would have earned less than half if they had actually gotten the job done over 2 days, thus why they do it in one day to make as much earnings. How do they evaluate 60 products per hour when it takes A an hour to evaluate 30 products? The time it requires to examine inside a plug, examine the home appliance and the cable television takes the exact same quantity of time for every single individual, and the minimum time the screening maker permits a test to finish is the exact same for every single maker.

There is another essential aspect to think about here: you utilized a huge business to do this task at 50p per product, they then sub-contracted the task to a regional specialist, at 25p per product. That specialist, on 25p per product needs to get the 500 products carried out in the 1 day, to make ₤ 125 for 8 hours effort. It’s difficult to do whatever properly in this time.

It takes business A 2 minutes to finish each test, however business B can do the exact same test in 1 minute? How can this be? It can’t … it’s not possible without avoiding huge corners.

An electrical test not finished properly implies any dangers might not be flagged, which implies you might have “been pat checked” and have “PAT Testing certificates” however still not be secured from a possible electrocution or fire.

Don’t take that possibility; get PAT Tested by a special, reliable PAT Testing business, that will offer you with the PAT Testing service you need at the ideal rate, that covers what you require, so you are secured.(*)