Secretarial Services Or Virtual Assistant – What is the Difference?

If you are thinking about beginning your own house typing company you may have questioned what the distinction is in between a house secretarial services company and a virtual assistant company. Since there are numerous resemblances in between the work of a secretary and a virtual Assistant, the terms are frequently seen as interchangeable.

Here are some resemblances in between virtual assistants and secretarial services (frequently called “VAs” for brief).

They both work from their own remote workplace and accept jobs online

They are frequently self used freelancers and independent professionals (however some are straight used by business)

They both supply administrative assistance to people and companies

They both normally do typing, data processing, information entry, visit making, and clerical jobs generally carried out by a workplace secretary.

The primary distinction in between a secretarial service operator and a virtual assistant is that while secretarial services are normally suppliers of typing, data processing, information entry and other workplace assistance services, VAs frequently supply customized services in addition to basic secretarial and clerical work. These services might consist of graphic style, website design, accounting, composing, occasion preparation, and programs.

There is absolutely nothing to stop you explaining yourself as a VA even if you just plan to provide standard secretarial services; you will, after all, be using virtual help. You must stick to calling your company a typing or word processing service if you have no desire to provide anything other than typing and word processing services. Descriptions (ie “keywords”) are very important when individuals are searching for the ideal sort of company online.

Your potential customers will be browsing the Internet utilizing various particular keywords depending upon their requirements. Their searches will consist of keywords such as secretarial service, secretary, typist, word processing program, VA, virtual assistant, administrative assistant, or transcriptionist. Your company name and company description must provide a precise reflection of the services you are using, so that your reach your target audience.