The ADD Guide to Internet Moneymaking – Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky Book Review

Stuffed like Granny’s Thanksgiving Turkey

Making Money Online. Mmmm, does not that sound incredible! Easy cash? Well, possibly it might be according to millionaire web leader, Marc Ostrofsky. In his book, Get Rich Click, Ostrofsky supplies several moneymaking concepts and examples of individuals who utilized them to earned money online, huge cash. In addition to numerous pages of honors on the book (primarily from other effective online marketers), the book includes 17 complete chapters of approaches to possibly burglarize the web financial market. Mr. Ostrofsky likewise provides the reader input on establishing a frame of mind to enter into this organization, plus loads of recommendations to resources for tools or extra info.

What I liked about this book is the truth that is does undoubtedly perform. The approaches provided are shown approaches for generating income on the web and Ostrofsky provides you adequate info about the technique to a minimum of get your begun, ought to you want to pursue even more. In concerns to amount, this book is a hands down winner. If I took a seat and drew up a list of every method you may be able to generate income on the web, from offering individual products on eBay to offering domain for countless dollars (Ok possibly the domain for countless dollars isn’t up for grabs any longer – unless you are keeping your eye on the future of the dotMobi domains), I do not believe I might have covered the field any much better than this book does.

The other thing I liked about this book is the resources offered. Within every technique explained in the book, Ostrofsky does a great task of offering links to resources for tools or suppliers that are important to the novice business owner. In addition, at the end of the book, there is an entire chapter devoted to resource and provider info.

Because Get Rich Click is loaded with info that severe lookers for web chances might take advantage of, I extremely suggest it. I praise the authors design to provide crucial essential procedures in simple to follow numbered series or with bullet points. As somebody who checks out a high volume of technical info online or in books, it is revitalizing to see the actions broken down into little pieces that are simple to absorb and check out. The book is likewise broken down into little sub chapters so it goes quite fast and for those people that might just have an interest in one particular technique or 2, the book is set out to quickly accommodate them. I do not suggest this naturally, due to the fact that you will not get your cash’s worth from the book by simply cherry selecting an approach or 2.

Now my Grain of Salt

Despite my suggestion of the book, to provide reasonable caution for anybody with their hand hovered over the “purchase now” button on Amazon; I wish to explain a couple of things I did not like about the book.

First – although the book seems arranged in a good basic Microsoft Word Outline with titles, and sub-titles with text connected to it, in some cases the company of the author’s ideas get a little off course. In the chapter entitled “Collecting Your Payments – Fast and Easy”, the author gets into gathering payment with credit cards and utilizing drop shipping and so on. Far, so excellent. Then right in the middle of that, he provides a circulation chart and an idea about Database Marketing and talks about the certifying and offering leads. What? What does this relate to making money? I discovered examples of this ADD composing design throughout the book, which might be more credited to bad modifying than bad authoring, however in either case it does eliminate from the circulation a fair bit.

Second – you can not survive the book without feeling a bit snookered either. Plainly much of the recommendations offered by the author should be gotten by a link back to his site. No doubt this is for a financial association with that referenced product and services. While the book IS about generating income online and I can not fault the author for attempting to generate income as he proposes to you, the reader, it would be so revitalizing to check out a book about internet marketing or generating income from that is genuinely selfless from the author (like they declare they are.) “I earned money so I wish to return, blah, blah, blah …” Make no error about it; besides the revenues Ostrofsky is making from book sales, his objective is linking to you, the reader, as a possible earnings source. Keep that in mind. I personally do not have a problem with it and honestly, offered the opportunity, I would most likely do the very same thing myself. Still, it’s great to imagine genuinely offering people whose only intention is to return to the neighborhood.

Finally, the last thing I didn’t like about the book is the author self-aggrandizement that is sprinkled throughout the book. Once again, this is incredibly normal for this kind of book where the author utilizes his/her own success as the most shining example of how to do whatever they are promoting in their books. Possibly I’m not being reasonable here, due to the fact that of course we would not wish to speak with the author unless they had not done something to develop themselves as a specialist on the subject. Still, I keep intending to discover one that is not like this. I believe it is completely possible to provide your success without encountering as an ego maniac name dropper. When in a while,

Get Rich Click

is not as bad as that however there was enough self aggrandizement in the book to aggravate me.


OK so possibly I’m envious or possibly I simply have actually never ever been excellent a suitable for over the leading salesy stereotypes that tend to compose these cash making books. Tip, tip … does this suggest this kind of character is a requirement in state of mind to be effective? No, I do not truly think that holds true. When you believe about the ideas promoted in this book for “online” success, which indicates private non-corporate accomplishment, self entrepreneurship, and an independent spirit, then the opposite realistically may be real. I’ve offered Mr. Ostrofsky a bit a sorrow for his salesperson like design in the book however however I still praise him for producing a story and an example of private spirit and resourcefulness. These are the stories that intrigue us and make us purchase books to see if there is anything we can do to replicate these stories.(*) This book is simply too filled with excellent info not to read it. You might need to examine a little more any particular technique that attract you, however the book does supply a thorough introduction of each technique provided. I rank a book of this category, which is meant to inform and notify, by just how much I in fact found out. And I did gain from this book, plus I likewise got numerous excellent concepts and resources I intent to check out even more. I feel you will too.(*)