Tim Sales – My Love-Hate Relationship With the First Class MLM Expert

First of all, I like to inform you that this post is gon na be a long one. If you discover speed-reading) or 8 minutes if you didn’t, rather a long one which might take at least 4-5 minutes for you to complete reading (. Possibly you want to get a cup of coffee and enjoy what I discussed Tim Sales here.

You might ask who’s this individual about Tim Sales that I got a lot to speak about. I would ensure you that this is my 2 year individual story with Tim Sales, and I saw a significant shift in Tim Sales in this 2 years.

Now, Let me provide you a quick intro of who Tim Sales is.

Tim Sales is an MLM millionaire who developed his fortune from the MLM market with the very first MLM business he signed up with. When he addressed an advertisement from the Washington Post, he was formerly from the United States Navy and he fulfilled the MLM market. From there on, his life have actually altered. He went on to develop a down line of 56,000 (this is previous fact, I’m sure he has numerous thousands now …) and retire as an MLM millionaire.

However, what troubles him is the branding and picture of MLM, which is clouded by misunderstandings and misconception, which has actually avoided many individuals to develop their own future by developing a MLM company. He then chose to step up and end up being an ambassador for the MLM market, by developing the most-popular motion picture that describes the MLM company design without buzz or fluff – The Brilliant Compensation. This CD has actually assisted countless network online marketers around the world develop huge team companies.

He’s likewise the creator of FirstClassMLMTools.com where he supplies a great deal of suggestions and training resources to assist brand-new and having a hard time network online marketers develop their company. I have personally get numerous tools from him, significantly his well-known training plans – The Professional Inviter, The Brilliant Communicator, The Pocket Tracker, and the most recent The Professional Presenter.”

Okay, the intro above is completely composed by me, and not copied from his site or sales page, since I understood him for more than 2 years, and practically check out all his newsletters and training plans.

” How Tim Sales Saved Me”

If you’ve read my story prior to, you would understood that I began my MLM journey from a phony MLM business. Phony ways not real. Phony ways rip-off. Phony ways unlawful. Anyhow, I’m ignorant that time and I accompany huge guarantee by my then uplines about driving Mercedes C-Class at the age of 20 with 4 months in company, using SGD $1000 dollar custom-made fits, bring thousand-dollar Mont-Blanc pens and using Golden watches … (or numerous others which you can call it yourself …)

Needless to state, I purchase into buzz, and stopped working ultimately when the business shut down. A lot of my then colleagues lost hope in MLM, and screamed MLM is Scam all over, in online forums, in blog sites, in papers … and so on. One of my colleagues revealed me a film and describes to me the complete design of MLM, and how it works.

You Guess It? That motion picture is Brilliant Compensation … by Tim Sales!

At very first view of the motion picture, it right away captured my attention, since it describes why MLM is not a pyramid plan, and distinguish itself from the pyramidal business structure. It likewise responds to numerous regularly asked concerns about MLM, and reveals honestly why MLM is one of the most Fair company design of all, with no buzz or fluff.

Thereafter, I’m an addicted fan of FirstClassMLMTools.com, and check out Tim Sales’ MLM posts from Top to Bottom, Left to Right, Forward and Backward. I checked out whatever to clear all my doubts about MLM, and you think it (once again), I’m on fire for MLM! Practically an full-time Evangelist for MLM!!

” They Called Me Crazy”

I lastly comprehended that MLM is not a fraud, MLM is not a pyramid plan, MLM is legal in Singapore, I understand how to distinguish a unlawful and legal MLM (remorse I didn’t understand this earlier …), MLM being the most reasonable company design of all, MLM is not about chasing after and pestering buddies, and can be done expertly … all those Tim Sales have actually taught, I read everything.

Then, with his radiant fire of interest of MLM in me, I headed out and call of my previous colleagues who stopped working with me because ex-company. I wished to show them what I’ve found out and assist them comprehend the MLM market much better. I likewise provided the Brilliant Compensation Video to view and describes to them whatever about MLM after the video.

However, few of my ex-teammates listened to what I showed them. A few of them actually dislike MLM to the core, as they had actually actually lost numerous thousands because ex-company, and swore never ever to come into contact with any thing with these 3 letters – M.L.M. However, the unfortunate reality is they still do not understand the real distinction in between a legal and an unlawful MLM.

But to my surprise, a few of them actually listened to me, and saw the Brilliant Compensation Video with me over and over once again to get a complete understanding of the MLM market. I’m so thrilled that I’ve made a distinction in their lives, and assisted them to leave the problem (despite the fact that some remorses will still stick around …)

” Time For A Comeback!”

I decided to develop a genuine MLM company, after about 7 months break from my ex-company. I examined the MLM business and felt that it can assist me develop an effective MLM company. I got my buddies who saw Tim Sales’ Brilliant Compensation Movie to join me too.

I go on and develop my MLM company expertly with the interaction abilities I gained from Tim Sales’ training plans. I likewise had an objective to do business properly expertly and showed to others that whether MLM is expert or not, depends upon the individual doing it, and not since of the MLM market.

I go on and use all the tools I have actually purchased from Tim Sales at FirstClassMLMTools.com, and participated in the training from my upline group. When I hired my very first company partner … expertly, I’m so ecstatic that my company took off!

Where’s My Enthusiasm Now?”

As you understand when you’re doing anything, there will absolutely comes a time when things didn’t end up as you anticipated. This takes place in company too, and it took place to me. When I understood that many of the individuals I talk to are not interested to join my company, my interest for my company has actually dropped significantly. Obviously, I provided my company to them expertly, and they offered me their legitimate factor of not joining me at that minute. We are still buddies. I understood that individuals I speak to are not interested and mainly unqualified to do any company. I arranged them out, and understood I got very little individuals left.

Then, I was informed by my upline group to go cold-calling in shopping center, book fairs, workshops, workshops, and go to networking occasions to understand more individuals who are similar like us. I discover that can be rather a great concept, and Tim Sales taught us how to open a discussion with anybody throughout his Professional Inviter Training. I did. I invest cash to opt for networking occasions, get contacts and fulfill brand-new individuals. I even attempted cold-calling in book stores where I normally purchase books.

However, this does not tick with me. Although I can open discussions with brand-new individuals, I in some way simply do not seem like doing it daily as a technique to develop my company. It’s actually exhausting (you’ll understand if you have actually attempted …), and it’s not the very best roi on my money and time.

” This Book Almost Killed Tim Sales”

However, whenever I felt down, my upline group will motivate me, inspire me, motivate me to head out once again. I would likewise rely on Tim Sales and see if I have actually lost out any ‘puzzle’ to my company and any resource I might get to get my company on track once again. One resource I want to receive from Tim Sales, is the First Class MLM Leads that his business supply, which assists you create extremely certified leads for your company. They are just offered in United States, and I’m in Singapore.

I look onto the web and see if there’s other methods to discover leads, and be familiar with individuals who are gotten approved for your company. I discovered this book.

If you’re in the Internet Network Marketing world for a long time, you would understand this woman by the name of Ann Sieg. She composed the book “The Renegade Network Marketer”, and teaches the principles of bring in targeted potential customers to you, utilizing the web, and get individuals to come to you rather of you pursuing them.

Now. Here’s a dispute. I’m at the valley (a.k.a. floor) in business now, and I likewise do not understand who to think. Tim Sales or Ann Sieg?

At that minute, I didn’t actually understand who can assist me, thus I go on and purchase that Renegade Network Marketer eBook. I read it, and finish it within a day. It’s 160+ pages by the method, a lot with other audios and video trainings.

I comprehend the concept of the principle called Attraction Marketing, which is reasonably brand-new in MLM. It was year early 2009. I purchased the principle, and see it as a brand-new want to my MLM company! I stopped whatever I do then. I upgrade my tourist attraction marketing strategy, and take about 1 month rest in my company. I didn’t do any prospecting or invite then.

” This Won’t Work!”

As I’m inactive in my company, my upline group leader pertained to speak to me if I have any issues in my company, as I was refraining from doing anything. Prior to I desire to bring up the concept of tourist attraction marketing to him, he informed me that, as long as I follow hissystem, I will be effective.

Yea. His system is to do cold calling and utilize offline approaches to create leads, then go to inspirational training to pump members up so they will speak to potential customers complete of energy and enjoyment. He keeps preaching that his technique will work, and informed me not to attempt any brand-new approaches. Simply Follow The System!!

Somehow, I can’t understand of tourist attraction marketing enter into my upline staff member, as they have actually develop great recurring earnings from offline company. And a lot of them, consisting of other individuals in my business, do not utilize tourist attraction marketing that time, and all of them utilize offline approaches. Many people there are 45 years of ages and above, and at age 21, I’m thought about the youngest there.

In the end, no one supported me in my concept, and it ultimately didn’t remove with me. This concept is likewise brand-new in Asia, my upline group simply keep informing me to follow the system. After much doubt, I choose to put my concept away, and attempt to utilize my upline’s system once again.

That time, I can state it’s likewise the most questionable duration about the MLM market, whether individuals ought to utilize the web for MLM, if tourist attraction marketing works, is old-school conventional approaches gon na be changed by new-school marketing strategies.

” Where Are You, Tim?”

This got many individuals together for a ‘heated’ conversation, with the New-age Internet network Marketers lead by Ann Sieg, Mike Dillard, Mike Klingler VS the old-school MLM Millionaires consisting of Randy Gage, Eric Worre … any numerous others. Lots of other network online marketers likewise made contrasts in between those 2, and the web that time is actually loaded with all these subjects – Old School Vs New School … Traditional MLM Vs Internet MLM … Attraction Marketing Vs Chasing Friends and Family … etc

However, in spite of a lot argument out there, I find something. Tim Sales is not associated with any conversation over those subjects. He simply continued to teach individuals how to interact efficiently, end up being an expert networker and fantastic communicator. If he ever got in into this subject, I was attempting really difficult to look for hints.

” Finally Tim stated something …”

For practically 1 year, till mid-2010, I didn’t see Tim point out anything about utilizing the web for MLM. Lastly, he exposed something, and it was most likely the duration after all those buzz and conversation about Attraction Marketing.

I keep in mind Tim points out something like this, “Regardless what approaches you utilize to develop your MLM company, it eventually comes down to Effective Communication. It makes no sense to create entire lot of potential customers and leads, and stopped working to work these leads efficiently to become your consumers or potential customers.”

Now, that got me believing. Tim Sales made 100% sense in what he stated. At the point of him making that remark, there are many individuals who have actually likewise stopped working in the “Attraction Marketing Formula” shared by Ann Sieg. And after that pertained to a last conclusion declaration about those conversations.

” It’s not about chasing after buddies or member of the family. It’s not about bothering individuals on the streets. It’s not about utilizing the web to develop your MLM. It’s not about utilizing Attraction Marketing Formula.

It’s about Relationship Mastery! “

People who handle to develop an effective MLM company, is since they understand how to develop strong, rock-solid relationships with individuals through reliable interactions.

Tim Sales, Randy Gage, Eric Worre, Ken Dunn … (those you state old-school MLM Millionaires), develop million-dollar teams without the Internet. They understand how to develop relationships with individuals!

Ann Sieg, Mike Dillard, Mike Klingler can utilize the web to make million dollars for their MLM company, while some other attraction-marketers-wannabe can’t, is since they understand how to develop relationships with individuals, while those wannabes do not understand how!

” Time For Action!”

I understand that it has actually come a long method for everyone to accept that the web can be utilized as a tool to develop your MLM company! Unfortunate to state, with so much things going on, and with the last decision exposed above, my upline group still do not think in Internet!

Finally in July 2010, I made a really difficult choice to leave my upline group, as I understand the web is a really effective tool, and I will be leaving cash on the table if I’m not utilizing it to develop my company. My upline staff member are actually enjoyable individuals to deal with, going company journeys together, having late night out dinners, going celebrations and films together. I think my future is more crucial. I never ever wish to recall and be sorry for … “how come nobody inform me I can utilize web to develop my MLM?”

I began to purchase online training courses and inform myself on how to utilize the web to my advantage. I began developing my blog site, Ding-Neng. com in July 2010, and began producing my own leads.

Then, I likewise collaborate with my brand-new MLM business which supply both online and offline assistance, from the United States, and has its base in Singapore! If I do myself, I got all their online training and assistance and it actually assisted me bring my MLM company online … double the rate.

” Tim Sales Finally into Online Marketing ?!”

3 months into my brand-new MLM company, and I’m doing actually well, with about 20+ individuals in my own company. I’ve been utilizing blogging, social networks, and different complimentary internet marketing methods to promote my company and develop my brand name online.

During my 3 months in company, I likewise understood Tim Sales is likewise making use of internet marketing tools, as he had a Facebook Fan Page, and a Twitter represent his FirstClassMLMTools site too! I’m his faithful fan and fan. Go discover him there!

About mid September, Tim Sales lastly exposed that producing leads utilizing social networks platforms like Facebook and Twitter is possible for your MLM company, and he is going to reveal you how he did it. Tim collaborate with his social networks coaches and taught him what are the methods individuals can create leads online.

Meanwhile, I likewise found a modification in the MLM Formula of Tim Sales. Tim normally states the MLM formula is simply broken down into 3 actions – Invite, Present and Train. He had actually included in one more action into it.

Now, It’s FIND, Invite, Present and Train! Tim has actually included an indicate reveal that Finding Leads becomes part of the MLM formula! Did you notice something unique is coming out quickly?

Then, on October 1, 2010 Singapore time, Tim Sales lastly exposed a Social Media Training course, with his Social Media partner who is skilled and really trained in MLM and is a keynote speaker for numerous social networks conferences. She is MichelleCorteggiano. It’s simply been launched into the marketplace. Go take a look at the Build Your Social Brand here.


If you’ve checked out so far, I actually wish to thank you for your time. Your coffee would have completed by now.

My preferred so-called “Old-School” First Class MLM Expert Tim Sales, have actually begun to accept the Power of Internet, and concur that making use of the Social Media to develop your MLM company can be successful. Social network has actually altered the method we interact, and if utilized properly, it can definitely be a great tool for your MLM company.

Here is an important suggestions …

Regardless of how you develop your MLM company …

” The folks who develop their M.L.M company properly offline, are normally the ones who comprehend how to develop it best online. They’re the ones who put my Inviting Formula to deal with websites like Facebook and Twitter and see incredible outcomes.”

It’s in among Tim’s current newsletters.

So my dear buddy, Where does this leave you?

If you’re still believing that the only method to do MLM is conventional offline prospecting approaches, then you’re incorrect.

If you’re still believing that conventional offline MLM company structure is dead, you’re likewise WRONG!

Again, my preferred MLM professional Tim Sales has actually shown that the MLM company can be constructed online and offline, a ‘accredited’ marital relationship. Due to the fact that the hidden aspect of MLM company is still reliable interaction abilities, this is!

Yes! That’s my Love-Hate-Love Relationship with the First Class MLM Expert, Tim Sales!(*)